February 17, 2017


Regional NSW’s business community has huge potential. And if there is one way to unlock this potential, it’s by thinking outside the box with a fresh and creative approach. This is the conclusion I have come to after attending a couple of regional business events this month.

‘Creativity is the last remaining point of competitor advantage,’ according to Todd Sampson who was the guest speaker at a BizWeek Business Lunch I attended in Bathurst. A great event put on by Bathurst Council. Todd challenged me and the other participants to think differently and creatively about how to lead, generate fresh ideas, bring about cultural change and solve problems. The ability to think creatively surely is the last advantage we can hold over automation.

I walked away from a China/Australia Business Council forum, held recently in Orange, feeling confident and excited about the growing future of Regional NSW. A brilliant thought provoking event brought to the Central West by Galloway Partners – Andrew Logan gathered a variety of industry players to hear of the potential of the Free Trade deal. If we can position the Farmers’ Market image of our Regional towns and cities in the hearts of the large overseas’ markets, there are undoubtedly huge opportunities coming our way.

But to ensure we benefit from them, we have to bring to the table fresh thinking and of course…creativity.

Media highlight of this month:  We should be urging the young and successful to move from our major cities to Regional NSW for a better life, according to a recent Huffington Post Australia article.

The article refers to a new study that reveals that over the next decade, the Australian workforce will increase from 11 million to 13 million. And the way Australians work, where they work and the type of work done, will change. How we, the business community of Regional NSW, create new employment opportunities to support these changes and stimulate our local economies, will depend on our ability to think outside the box. Let’s use the exciting findings…….

Creative Country was written by Damien O’Donnell from Spinifex Recruiting

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