Stewardship Services

For Export Success that will assist and direct potential exporters through the regulatory maze

1) Working through perceived regulatory Barriers
2) Building groups to create continuity of supply and spreading regulatory costs

Educational Workshops Face-to-face and Online

With existing material will allow SME’s to self-educate in their own time and without being away from their businesses , this online service will include a questions/videos/pdf links/ accessible via tablet/phone and reporting and a chat program.

Providing Interactive Online programs skilling programs allowing SME members to interact directly with the professional consultative services in their own time , along with providing localised support systems.

Networking & Collaboration

With access to a number of resources such as chat rooms and blogs to answer questions where existing experienced producers exporters have already solved a regulatory problem

See how export ready you are.

Upcoming Events

Food in the Capital: Shaping the future of the food industry in Canberra and across South East NSW
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April 1, 2019



March 31, 2020