July 20, 2020

Industry Advice Notice (IAN) – Horticulture Exports

This advice was released on 20 July 2020, and appears in full on the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment website.


This Industry Advice Notice (IAN) is to advise industry and Authorised Officers (AOs) of the release of a new protocol and work plan for mainland cherry exports to the Republic of Korea.

Summary of changes and key points

– The new protocol and work plan are only applicable to mainland states. Cherries produced in Western Australia are not permitted to be exported to Korea.
– Cherries produced in Tasmania must comply with the requirements in the protocol for Tasmanian cherries to Korea.
– Only approved entities may export to Korea under the protocol conditions.
– Applications for the export of cherries to Korea for the 2020–2021 season must be submitted by 5pm AEST, Friday 31 July 2020.
– Application instructions and requirements are provided in IAN 2020-29.

Click here to read the full release and for further information: 2020-45 – Horticulture Exports – Release of the protocol and work plan for exports of cherries from the mainland to the Republic of Korea

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